One Man Garage Band released!

Available now for purchase at CDBaby (see the link in the side bar) for $9.99. Each song is in high quality 256-bit MP3 format with no digital rights management (DRM aka “copy protection”). These MP3 files will work on any MP3 player.

CDBaby is the recommended way to purchase the entire album for two reasons. First, you also get some text notes and a jpg of Marsha Minten’s awesome album cover. Second, CDBaby’s payment rate to artists is higher than any of the alternatives, which is another way of saying artists like me make more money when you buy through CDBaby.

If you’re only interested in a few songs, Apple’s iTunes Store will be selling individual tracks in a 256-bit AAC format with no DRM for $.99 each. If you use your music with an iPod or iPhone, this is a very convenient solution. I expect iTunes to be online by August 1 at the latest, but I’ll be sure to make noise here when it happens.

Finally, if you’re still into the old school compact discs, I will have those available for sale by July 3.

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