Album release and sales goals

It happens tomorrow, June 17, my friends. We’ve got one final snafu to straighten out with CDBaby—my artist/album page is up but you can’t actually, you know, buy anything—and I expect it will be fixed first thing in the morning. I will post all appropriate links here once things are ready, as well as begin my email notifications.

A word about that. I’m planning to notify all family and friends of my album’s availability but only once. The last thing you need is me spamming you repeatedly about my musical endeavors. Really, one spam really should be enough. If you sign up for my online Mailing List, though, well, all bets are off (though I will try very hard to make the occasional email I send worth your time).

I have set 10,000 albums in two years as my sales goal, since that’s about what it will take for me to consider creating music on a mostly full-time basis. To say this is ambitious is an understatement. I mean there are goals, stretch goals and ludicrous goals, and this would be the last one.

I don’t know 10,000 people, which means I can’t do this without considerable assistance. If you like the album, I need you to not only buy it but to evangelize it to your family, friends, and co-workers. I have nifty t-shirts that can help. Seriously, though….

The album is a test, the results of which determine how long it will take me to get the next album out. Even if OMGB sells only a couple hundred copies, I’m making another album. It’ll just take longer to get out the door.

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