Next album underway

I’ve begun compiling work for my next album, tentatively titled Garden of Memories. I should start recording a few of the songs next week and hope to have it released this summer.

Here’s the tentative track list (in no particular order): Everything, Elisha, Jillian, Swept, Halo (Measure of Love), Open Low, A Little Bit Zen, and 1938.

Garden will likely have about 12 songs total since 1938 is something of a multi-themed opus that, were we still living in the days of yore, would take up the whole second side of the record. As it is, the album should deliver at least 60 minutes of music.

It’ll be acoustic and keyboard-driven in nature. Having delivered a full-on rock and roll album already, I’m looking at this as a decided change of pace and something that’s actually much closer to how I actually write most of my music. I hope, when the time comes, you’ll choose to come along for the ride.

Updates on significant milestones to follow.

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